How You Can Benefit from Doximity

Doximity, the social media network for physicians, has been getting a lot of buzz lately in the healthcare community. The network has grown tremendously since its 2010 launch; the company claims that 70% of the country’s physicians have joined.

Are there really benefits to a physician-only social network? Early adopters seem to think so. They may be on to something, too–although Doximity has largely been viewed as a LinkedIn-type network for doctors, it does offer other lesser-known benefits.

Doximity is more than just an online CV. These are some of the features your peers are using.

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1. Secure Communication

This is one of the biggest features of Doximity. If a doctor wants a second opinion on a rare or unusual case, he or she can’t discuss the patient’s medical information through other social media networks like Facebook or LinkedIn or through email or text message. He or she would have to discuss the case with a colleague at their practice or hospital, or telephone another physician. Any medical records that needed to be shared would need to be sent through a secure, HIPAA-compliant network.

With Doximity, doctors are able to discuss sensitive information without having to worry about violating HIPAA guidelines. All doctors must be verified healthcare professionals in the U.S., and must create a HIPAA-compliant (8-12 character) password to join the network. All messages and communication are delivered via SSL (secure socket layer), and are encrypted to military-grade standards. Biometric (fingerprint) login is also available for login on mobile devices.

2. Fax Service

In addition to secure messaging, Doximity also offers a HIPAA-compliant fax service. Your hospital or office probably already has a fax service, so why is this a big deal? Doximity provides you with a secure e-fax number, so you have the ability to send and receive faxes through any mobile device, instantly and without the need for paper. You don’t need to wait for a traditional fax to come in or go across the office to retrieve it. This feature is especially useful in a critical emergency room situation–you can get a patient’s important medical information right on your mobile device and begin critical treatment quickly.

3. Referrals and Remote Consultations

The secure messaging and fax services also allow for quicker and easier referrals and e-consultations. If your patient needs a specialist for a particular condition, and you don’t have a colleague you can refer that patient to, you can use Doximity’s search feature to find a specialist in the area. Through the secure messaging and fax features, you can discuss the patient’s condition and send any important medical information to the specialist. For doctors practicing in a rural area with no nearby specialists, Doximity’s messaging and fax features also allow those doctors to get medical opinions from specialists anywhere in the country.

4. Mobile Application

While you can access Doximity on a desktop computer, the real advantage is being able to download a mobile app. Doximity has apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Doctors are always on-the-go, and being able to access faxes and messages through Doximity can save a lot of time.

5. Job Listings

Doximity allows employers to use a recruiting tool to list jobs. The recruiters must list details about the job opportunity outright, including salary, location, and any other important information. Doctors can search for jobs by location and specialty. Doximity also has a feature that allows doctors to compare their salaries with others in the same specialty.

6. CME Credits

Doximity partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to offer continuing medical education (CME) credits online to its members. Instead of sitting in an auditorium and listening to a lecture, doctors can access the information they need through a mobile device. This means less time spent away from the office and more time to spend with patients. In addition to offering credits, Doximity also helps doctors easily track those credits.

7. Article Alerts

Doximity has a feature called DocNews, which helps doctors to find relevant medical literature. Doximity aggregates hundreds of RSS feeds for medical journals and delivers these feeds to its users. Doctors can customize their feeds to get the information they want, and can also see what their colleagues are reading. Doctors can also add their own published medical research to their profiles and receive an alert when that paper is cited in another academic publication.


As you can see, Doximity has a lot more to offer doctors than just social networking capabilities. Do you think Doximity is a useful tool for physicians?

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