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Online marketing solutions to help you attract new patients, increase procedure volume, and grow your practice.

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“Since we went to the new website our online appointments have doubled!”

- Debi Mitchell, chortho.com

  • Create an Online Referral Source

    Become less dependent on primary care referrals for new patients.

  • Get More of The Right Patients

    Target the right patients, pathologies, and procedures with your marketing.

  • Gain Control of Patient Flow

    Build a regular patient base for your practice.

Create new opportunities for your practice with a company that understands the business of medicine.

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Why Choose P3?

Orthopedic, spine, and neuro practices often rely on referrals from primary care physicians for the majority of their patient base. However, in the changing medical landscape, it can be difficult for practices to maintain those valuable referral sources. The P3 Inbound platform helps practices create their own referral source so they don’t have to rely on other physicians to keep a steady patient flow.

We understand the unique challenges practices are facing with maintaining referrals and changing reimbursement levels. With the right online marketing approach, you can create your own referral source and see more of the patients, pathologies, and procedures (the 3P's or P3) you want to see.

We’ve helped practices connect with the right patients for more than 20 years. When you’ve got a practice to run and patients to treat, you shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining your referral sources. With the right marketing approach, you can maintain a steady flow of patients who are the right fit for your practice by creating your own referral source. You have the tools you need to treat your patients; we can provide the marketing tools you need to get more of the right patients in the door.

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“An amazing investment in a short period of time. We are proud of the website and the people who produced it. Our thanks!”

- Joan McComb, califortho.com

What Does Marketing Cost?

What Does Marketing Cost?

Is your practice struggling to fit in patients, many of whom may not be the best fit for your specialties, to keep reimbursement levels the same? Are you losing valuable referral sources due to hospital buyouts or consolidation? Are you performing the procedures you want to be performing, and treating the conditions you want to be treating?

By changing your marketing approach, your practice can start to alleviate many of these concerns.

We believe in being clear and upfront about what you can expect from us and what you will receive with your investment. View our offerings and pricing here on the site, and contact us when you are ready to get started. We’ll work with you to create a plan that helps you accomplish your goals as a practice and fits within your marketing budget.