P3 Generate

A HIPAA-compliant Framework Designed for Medical Practices

If you want a website framework that fits your practice’s needs and helps you attract new patients, but you already have personnel who can handle most of the content placement, the P3 Generate Package is a great option for you.

Unlike other, all-purpose do-it-yourself website services, a P3 Generate site will give you a framework to organize your content based on the unique needs of medical practices.

  • Site design and top-menu navigation based on extensive research into patient behavior online
  • Features built off of requests by medical practices like yours
  • Security features built in to keep patient-submitted form data private and secure

If you run into any questions as you are adding content to your website, our ever-growing library of tutorials will help you find a solution. Our P3 Publish content management system also has a live-chat feature, in case you have any questions not covered in our documentation.

P3 Generate gives you the flexibility to take control of your website content, while also providing you with the baseline tools and framework you need to succeed in your goal of attracting the right patients.

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Ready to Get Started with P3 Generate?

Choose a theme from our options below that best fits your needs. Once you’ve selected your theme, we’ll set up the top menu for your website. This will serve as the framework for your website, so that all of your pages are organized in a way that is easy for patients to navigate. Then, we will provide you with a login to your content management system to add your desired content to each page.

An example image of our Comprehensive Theme

The Comprehensive Theme

Recommended for Practices with 4 or More Providers

The Comprehensive theme is a good fit for larger practices with several specialties. The layout fits team photos well, and the homepage slider draws attention to the various capabilities of the practice.

An example image of our Focused Theme

The Focused Theme

Recommended for Practices with 3 or Less Providers

The Focused theme emphasizes a single statement on the homepage to help patients quickly understand the strongest reason to pick your practice over the competition. What is the one thing that you wish your patients knew about your practice? Here’s your chance to tell them.

An example image of our Regional Theme

The Regional Theme

Recommended for Practices with 3 or Less Providers

The Regional Theme emphasizes a connection with your community while also drawing patients down the page to learn more about the practice and its specialties. The theme highlights each physician well, making it a better fit for smaller practices.

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P3 Generate

one-time fee

- plus -

$150/ mo Hosting, Email, and Starter SEO

Package Includes:

  • Research-backed website framework
    • Top menu items set up by P3 Inbound Team
    • Login provided to your team to add content to your pages
  • P3 Publish content management system
  • Patient Education
  • Two (2) email addresses
  • Starter SEO Service
    • Registration with search engines (Google & Bing)
    • Local Map Listings for Up to Two (2) Locations (additional locations available at $25/mo per location)
  • Appointment Request & Contact forms

Ready to get started with P3 Generate?

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