Conversion Tracking

Our Approach to Conversion Tracking

Is your online marketing motivating patients to contact you? Move beyond pageviews and bounce rates with Conversion Tracking.

See Which Marketing Efforts Are Really Working

Your analytics can tell you how many people visited your site, but do you know how many of those people took the next step and made an appointment? It can be difficult to track down that information on your own, so we created the Conversion Tracking Tool to help you find the information you need.

With this tool, you can quickly see how many people called your office or submitted a form while visiting your website. This tool will give you real numbers to help you determine the return on investment for your website.

Conversion Tracking
A screenshot showing our Conversion Tracking features
A screenshot showing our Conversion Tracking features
A screenshot showing our Conversion Tracking features
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Conversion Tracking

$350/ mo
for an annual commitment

- or -

$400/ mo
for an quarterly commitment

Plan includes 500 minutes, with overages billed at the rate of 5 cents/minute.

The Conversion Tracking Tool includes:

Phone Call Tracking

We use dynamic number replacement to record the number of people who call your office from the phone number listed on your website. Dynamic number tracking replaces the phone number on your site with a unique tracking number. When a patient dials the tracking number, the call will forward to your office and be counted as a call in your conversion report.

Form Submission Tracking

How many people submitted an Appointment Request or Contact Us form while visiting your website? You will be able to see at a glance in your conversion report!

Conversion Sources

What is the most effective traffic source for conversions--organic traffic, paid search, or other traffic sources? Our conversion reports include data on conversions from each traffic source so you can invest in the most effective areas of your marketing strategy.

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